Why Cancer?

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33There aren’t a lot of dragons left to slay. The damsels in distress have mostly learned to save themselves, and the pirates that used to loot these shores have retreated to supporting roles in fairy tales, where they belong. What’s a modern-day Knight in Shining Armour to do?

It’s a bad era for heroes. But the truth is, humanity’s dragons haven’t all been slain—they’ve just taken on more subtle forms. Today’s world is ravaged by different problems, but they’re no less monstrous. Poverty. War. Hunger. Bigotry. Disease.

We knew we couldn’t tackle them all, but we wanted to make a difference.

Cancer is a scourge that affects people around the world—old and young, strong and weak, rich and poor. Each of the Wayfarers has been affected by our loved ones’ battles with cancer and frustrated by our inability to fight back. We’re not doctors or scientists, and our swords aren’t much good against this monster.

The Quest was created out of our desire to do what we can to support the research that has provided hope for so many and solutions for a lucky few.

We feel privileged to live in a world where modern medicine keeps so many scourges at bay. Cancer is one of the remaining demons that defies mastery. When we embark on our journey in late 2012, we know we won’t be going it alone—we’ll be riding on the hopes and support of the many people who have donated to our cause to help make the world a better place.

Interested in learning more about the Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure or contributing to our cause? Check out our donations page.