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While walking along the river today, the rain was light enough that I could pull out my camera and get shots of the mist-covered mountains, one of which I’ve climbed.

Even though this isn’t working out the way I hoped, the way I planned, it is truly amazing and something I recommend to everyone.

Have an adventure.

Do something crazy.

In costume, if you can bear it, because it makes people really willing to talk to you.

A few pictures from the past week appear behind the jump:

Cows and mountains: Scotland in a picture. (Not really, but it’s so pretty!)

Pretty sure I took this at Stirling railway station. We’ll be back on the 22nd!

I refer to this, a part of our regular route within Inverness, as the “Althing spot” – a perfect place for a meeting of 40-odd people.

I wish both of us could have been in this picture. Perfect book cover or what?

Culloden Avenue, a long pedestrian path leading to Culloden House, has these amazing sculptures along the way, all chosen in theme by local schoolchildren. I thought this was an appropriate one to grab a picture of.

I also love dragons.


Can’t forget the dragon’s children. These sculptures are fantastic.

The original estate that stood near the Culloden Moor battlefield in 1746, this gigantic and beautiful manor house, has been turned into what I am sure is an exorbitantly expensive hotel. I still want to stay there.

We climbed a mountain, Craig Dunain. It wasn’t the largest mountain in the area, but it was tiring enough!

Here are the mountains I was talking about up above, there. I love this country.

We found a hollowed-out tree. Who could resist such temptation?

After yesterday’s rain, the river is swollen but beautiful.

More soon!

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