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Today, according to the original plan, we were meant to be arriving at the hostel in which I am already lying as I write this ‘blog post. Rain is pattering against the windowpane.

We learned yesterday that when it rains in Inverness, the sidewalk glistens and the poetry carved in to some of the paving stones on Church Street becomes easier to read… even if one is less inclined to want to stop and read it. I have been wondering about it for a week now, though, so I stopped. Drew didn’t.

The room where we are staying wouldn’t fit six, but is perfect for the two of us. It overlooks the River Ness and if you squish up close you can see the castle to the right.

We have been walking hard for the last week. On three separate days we clocked over 30  kilometers. We saw Culloden city and Culloden House, but missed the battlefield because of the cycling route that we were following, sparking the need for a second trip (come on, twist my arm). We walked south to Craig Dunain and climbed it to the top, panting and sweating on a summer-warm day. We have walked a circuit around the Ness Islands so many times even its spectacular beauty is becoming commonplace to us.

Yesterday was the first day that the weather hit us hard, with a cold rain that soaked us through within hours. We opted to take it easy for the day, allowing for the fact that we had covered a total of 70 km in the two days prior and both slept poorly last night. Tomorrow we aim for another 30 km, rain or shine.

More pictures will be coming soon as well – some from the mountain, some from Culloden House, some from random walking in Inverness. It’s a small city but a beautiful one, with poetry in the sidewalk stones.

As of right now, we are 79 km behind our target for this point in the trip. The 3 days I was out of commission with food poisoning put us 81 kilometres down, so we are right on track except for that and we have a few days at the end which will hopefully provide the opportunity to complete our goal. We are still pushing forward, making every effort to make up those 79 km in the course of our planned walks.

Wish us luck, and talk to you all soon.

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