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Yesterday, laden with bags and hoping for a better middle to our adventure than the start, Drew and I hopped on the ScotRail from Glasgow to Perth and from Perth to Inverness.

The Scottish countryside is the single most beautiful place I have ever seen. While those who know me can confirm that I haven’t exactly traveled the world, I can say that even the most stunning pictures don’t do this country justice.

Inverness is quite a pretty city. With roughly 72,000 residents, I knew it would be smaller than Glasgow (sitting at almost 600,000), but I hadn’t put it together just how much smaller until we really looked around this morning and ran out of city within two hours.

As a result, we ended up walking south along the River Ness, which provided yet more stunning scenery. There were (many) times when the only evidence of humanity we could see was the pavement beneath our feet and the occasional lamp post–less than an hour out of the city. We crossed beautiful bridges following the Great Glen Way, a route from Inverness to Fort William that we were, not so long ago, planning to walk down in the other direction starting on Tuesday morning. (Such is life.)

We walked 28 km today, instead of the 22 km we had planned on the original schedule. I’m relieved to be able to report that we’re making headway on the mileage we lost last week.

Tomorrow we’ll be waking up early and starting a two-day camp. We intend to visit Culloden Moor and walk along National Cycle Route 1, which runs through Inverness and alongside the famous battlefield at Culloden. We’ll be camping overnight on Monday and returning to our new home base hostel in Inverness on Tuesday evening. That means we can leave a lot of our modern gear (changes of clothes, the netbook I’m using to blog, etc.) at the hostel to keep as much weight off of my still-recovering shoulders as possible.

For those of you in Canada, have a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you’ll check the ‘blog after your turkey dinners for a few thoughts on giving thanks and on our Thanksgiving here in Scotland.

For those of you in America, well, it’s Columbus Day so, uh, enjoy your day off.

For the rest of you: Sorry. It’s Monday.

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