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We Are Thankful

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It is chilly here in Scotland — the perfect temperature to put us in mind of Thanksgiving in our home and native land, parts of which look shockingly like the landscape around us.

Today, we are thankful for our family and friends, so far away yet so supportive.

We are thankful for how small the world has become, to allow an adventure like ours.

We are thankful for how large the world yet remains, for such an adventure to still be the stuff of dreams.

We are thankful for John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and the millions of stories he has sparked.

We are thankful for other authors, filmmakers, and dungeon masters for taking those sparks and planting them in our minds and hearts.

Drew is thankful for his friends, like Dan, who seem to find ways to drag or push him into hapless adventures; to his family, who have helped support him when he needs it (sometimes a result of previously mentioned adventures); and for the opportunities he has had in the last few years that have kept his life anything but dull. He is also thankful for all the people around him who share, enjoy, or at least tolerate his quirks, tardiness, and questionable sense of humour.

Dan is thankful for the internet (for making him feel better while he was sick), for Drew (for never blaming him no matter how frustrating the situation), for all the amazing women in his life (Brittany, Jenn, and all the non-Wayfarers as well), and last, but not in any way least, for Victoria, who has done so much more for this trip than he ever expected (most recently, handling our Twitter account and making sure his spirits remain high even when they try to plummet).

We are both incredibly thankful for all of you. Every pair of eyes reading is someone who is helping with each exhausted step we take. Every dollar donated is one that shows us this is all worthwhile.

Who and what are you thankful for today?

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