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A True Quest… Square Enix Style

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For April Fool’s this year, Google gave us a great gift – an 8-bit version of their phenomenal Google Maps software.

Half a dozen people pointed it out to us while it was on this weekend, but because of our training and other commitments we didn’t get to it in time to make something of it. Thankfully, our resources are endless… and my friend Brittany is brilliant. She pointed out that it was still possible to use if you knew the browser code.

Here is our Quest and the eight “levels” we’re going to be meeting: Belfast, Glasgow, Fort William, Culloden, Scone, Stirling, Rosslyn Chapel and Edinburgh. It’s listed at just under 500 miles because it doesn’t take into account things like the trip around Loch Lomond and walking within the cities – which will take us well over the 8-mile difference you see here.

So who wants to design us some 8-bit avatars to come on this journey with us?


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