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Training on Treadmills

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On January 14th, four of the Wayfarers got together at LA Fitness for a training walk. Dan has a membership at the gym, and they were kind enough to allow the rest of us to go inside on a trial membership.

The goal was for everyone to walk about 27km: an average day on the Quest for the Cure.

The treadmills had a maximum time of 60 minutes per use, so the idea of a small break every hour worked quite well with the equipment we had to use. It was my first time walking an extended period on a treadmill, and turned out to be quite enlightening.

I am a man of numbers, so I used my phone to track the distance I walked every time I got on the treadmill. Our plan was to walk about 5 km/h, in order to attain our goal in 5 hours and 24 minutes of walking.

After a couple kilometres, I could really feel the lactic acid building up in my legs. I could walk 5 km/h, but doing so at such an exact pace was something I had probably never done before. I did my best to ignore the feeling, and before I knew, it was easy to walk again. After the first hour, I was right on pace with 5.02km walked.

I stepped off the treadmill for our 5 minute break, and experienced a very odd dizzying feeling. Walking for an hour without the world moving around you and then stopping led me to feeling like things were moving that were not. I began to walk, and then it felt like the world was moving around me while I wasn’t – though I knew that I was clearly walking. Within the break, the feeling passed, and each time I got off the treadmill as the day passed, the feeling was less and less pronounced.

The second hour, I kept the same pace up. I tried to play a game on my phone while walking, but after a few minutes realized it was more trouble than it was worth. I walked 5.03km. We took a bit of a longer break at this point, and agreed that after the next hour, we would stop for lunch.

About 40 minutes into the third hour, I was growing bored with walking and checked the settings of the treadmill. I found a rolling hills option that changed the elevation of the treadmill as I walked. I turned it on to level 1 just to give it a try and even increased the speed a tiny bit. I walked 5.16km.

Lunch consisted of a Subway Club at the sandwich shop and a break of at least one hour. We returned to the gym with only 12km to go out of our original 27km.

While at lunch I decided that I would continue with the rolling hills, and turned those on for the entirety of the fourth hour, and yet again, slightly increased my speed. I walked 5.34km.

My man for numbers came out in me during that last hour, and I decided that while turning rolling hills on made for a better workout, they wouldn’t increase my total distance walked, which I was tracking. With just one hour and 24 minutes to go, I decided to up my speed instead. During the 5th hour, I walked exactly 6.00km.

I still felt great so with 24 minutes to go, I wanted to push my limits. I set the treadmill for 6.h and periodically brought it up to as high as h (as fast as I could walk without being forced to jog) and managed to walk another 2.52km.

The total I walked on treadmills that day amounted to 29.07km.

While I was able to do these distances in these times on a treadmill, I do not believe that the Wayfarers will be able to walk at nearly these speeds in the real world. I was surprised that I was never more tired than at the 2-3km mark on my walk and was proud of myself to simply push through that phase. I suffered for my pushing the next day, as my calves were extremely sore. I figured this was a good sign, as my pushing lead to gaining some strength in my legs. I’ll need to gain plenty more in order to be able to walk this distance every day for a month.

As a reminder to those who read this blog, there are still tickets available for Robbie Burns night this coming Monday. Even if you have prior engagement or are coming that day, please pass on the message and let your friends and family know of the event. We are going to have some great items up for auction, and you’ll go home with a full belly and some great parting gifts, while having supported a great cause.

The Wayfarers are looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday!

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