Long Nights by the Fire in Training. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Long Nights by the Fire

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This weekend, I went camping for the first time in years, although we ended up being able to fit everyone in the nearby (heated) cottage. We were only a few hours out of Toronto, near Durham, but we still could barely tell there was anyone else for miles – and the highlight of the night (after dinner, at least) was the campfire. I ended up volunteering to watch it alone for a while, while the others went inside for dessert, and I realized that I was kind of getting a glimpse into how next year will be:

It was cold. The half of me that wasn’t facing the fire, despite being wrapped in warm clothing, was freezing (we woke up with a layer of frost on the grass).
I was exhausted, despite not doing much that day, because I wasn’t bathed in artificial light and attached to the internet.
It was extremely dark – if I faced away from the cottage I could see nothing but the fire.
I was completely alone outside – and I had nothing to really think about. Next year, we’re going to be doing rotating watches, so more often than not I’ll be spending two hours a night doing exactly that – but I had a hard time with the ten minutes I spent on Saturday night. This should be interesting.

What would you think about, sitting alone staring at the fire for two hours in the middle if the night? How would you resist falling asleep?

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