Walking Scotland Legally Part 1. in Research. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Walking Scotland Legally Part 1.

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The path we’d take during this walk was something that we mulled over and altered a few times.  Admittedly planning a walking trip across a landmass you’ve yet to even visit is tricky at best.  In truth, it had been our hope to across cross much of Ireland in our pursuit of the cure.  However a small amount of research proved that camping on foot across Ireland would be difficult, for the same reason that it would be in many countries.  That reason being the illegality of wild camping.  If we were bringing vehicles or simply backpacking, this might not have been a concern.  However planning to travel from one legal campsite to the next on foot seemed a lot less practical, or at the very least logistically a lot more difficult.

Wild camping in Scotland however seemed to be a different story.  At least the The Land Reform Act 2003 has lead me to believe so.  One of my primary concerns with our trip was the extent of which we could stuck to our fantasy/medieval theme, while still being both ethical and law abiding campers.  As such, my next few series of posts will be dedicated to answering questions such as the following:

-Do wild camping laws apply to tourists?
-Where can we construct fires?
-Can we carry torches or oil lamps?
-Bow hunting is illegal, however do such laws apply to crossbows?
-If crossbow hunting is legal, what kind of license would we need?
-What can we hunt?
-How can we obtain fishing licenses?
-What of our equipment might not be legal to bring across the boarder?
-How easily can we stay to our theme, while still adhering to proper camping etiquette?  This question primarily referring to camp construction, fire building, and of course toiletries.

This list is likely to expand as research is preformed. However this remains for now our starting point.

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