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Questions? We’ve got answers.

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So far, we’ve had questions from all over the country (and other countries) coming our way about the trip.  Most of them boil down to the same half-dozen queries, and the answers to those can all be found on this site… but spread out rather a lot.

How often do you use stock photography on your website?

Because of this, Adam has offered to run a question-and-answer feature on the site every second Friday.  Starting this week we’re going to be doing “feature Fridays,” with my “Better Know Your Route” feature this week and his feature next week, and alternating thereafter.

We’re going to have a “features” category set up so that you can easily find all of these posts in the future – and maybe a FAQ page to have updated on occasion as well.  All manner of magical things are coming up!

So email Adam any questions you have about the group, about the walk, about anything – he will choose the five best and post them.  If he has more than five that he really wants to answer, I’m sure he’ll consider expanding that a bit.

Comments on our site are also going to be perused for questions – so feel free to drop us a line here, on our Facebook or via Twitter.

Happy asking!

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