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The Next Six Months

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Today marks the six-month countdown to our flight from North America to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where we will start our trip. Time has flown – and having reached $12,000 in donations yesterday, so have those numbers.

The next six months will be a whirlwind of activity for us – not only fundraising as we have already been, but a heavy training schedule (with twice-monthly training weekends starting in June) and gathering our gear together before shipping it overseas ahead of us in early September.

I was looking at my calendar just a couple days ago and realized how few weekends I will have to myself this summer; with the exception of three or four, every weekend is chock full of training, fundraising events, or Amtgard events… where I will be pushing for further donations while having some fun.

Long-time readers will have noticed a slower update schedule here on the ‘blog, but do not worry – it’s just because we’re so busy getting other things worked out. In the months ahead we’ll see some great swag to buy in support of our cause, a few contests and a lot of great opportunities to have fun and help us out… in addition to our usual requests for your help in general! We’re returning to a more steady update schedule soon, including a Better Know Your Route post from yours truly next week!

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