The Little Things: Water in Personal. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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The Little Things: Water

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Ah, it’s always the little things that can really get to you, isn’t it? No matter what it is, the tiniest thing can really ruin a good outing – anything from an hour to our Quest.

While I’m sure each of us is going to have a couple small irritations on the walk, Dan and I have talked a couple times about one that will probably seem rather odd, but that we both share:


Specifically, both of us react extremely negatively to getting water in our eyes, be it rain or in the shower. It stings about as much as if there’s an irritant in it – I can remember complaining, as a kid, that the no-tears shampoo was a filthy, filthy lie.

Personally, I also can’t stand being slightly wet – if I’m caught in the rain, I usually end up feeling tense and uncomfortable until I either dry off completely or can get home to shower – one extreme or the other is okay.

Unfortunately, Scotland in October is rather wet in parts, so there’s every possibility this will end up being a personal bugbear on the trip for both Dan and me. I’ve been forcing myself out in the rain recently, but I’m likely just going to have to learn to live with it while walking!

Do you have any experiences of trips being ruined, or almost ruined, by something pretty small? What do you think would be your biggest little irritant while on this walk?

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