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St Andrew’s Day

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At the risk of sounding like I’m buttering up my brother or that other guy, today I felt obliged to make a post about St Andrew’s Day – the traditional “feast day” of Scotland’s patron saint and lesser-known counterpoint to St Patrick’s Day.

In Scotland, today is a “bank holiday,” which seems like a less-adhered-to version of Canadian statutory holidays from what I’ve seen.  It is also their national day – an equivalent to July 1st in Canada and July 4th in the United States.

In addition to all of this it is also a “flag day,” which gives the Scottish government the opportunity, on government buildings with only one flag pole, to replace the United Kingdom’s Union Jack with the blue-and-white Saltire (or St Andrew’s Cross), as seen above.

Scotland’s emerging role as an country independent from the United Kingdom is the source of a lot of debate amongst my anglophile and caledophile friends, but no matter its political place right now today is a day of celebrating Scotland’s history, its culture and – yes – even the romanticised versions thereof that are so prominantly repeated in today’s mainstream media by movies like Braveheart.  (Personally I prefer the other Scottish film released in 1995, Rob Roy, which is also romanticised but a bit less over-the-top.)

I have a lot to say about Scotland, and (I’m sure) will be saying it in the months to come, but for now I’ll leave you with a great quote from Rainn Wilson, best known as Dwight from the Office:

Scotland is the Canada of England!

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