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Might for Right

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There was a lot of fantasy in my childhood.

I remember taking walks through the park in the back of my childhood apartment building with my dog Grover (named after the blue Muppet from Sesame Street), my mother beside me.  She would start us off: “Once upon a time…”

“A dragon lived in a cave!” I would say.  Or “a Knight was searching for a damsel!”  We would continue like this, back and forth, making up a story as we went for a long and winding walk along the back paths of a forested ravine in the middle of Scarborough.

When I did this, I broke my dad’s ribs. Summer off with pay! I was a great son.

I had always been a reader, ever since struggling my way through literary classic “Hop On Pop” by the esteemed Dr. Seuss.  I devoured the Frank Dixon’s Hardy Boys books (and even a lot of the older Nancy Drew series, given on loan by my grandmother with bright yellow hardcovers).  It wasn’t until I discovered King Arthur in the compilation of legends by Howard Pyle – later also responsible for my love of Robin Hood, alongside Errol Flynn – that I found my literary true love.

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