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First Taste of Snow

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Until just yesterday, Toronto had not seen much snow at all this winter.  We had seen some flakes falling here and there, but never had it really stuck to the ground longer than an hour or two in daylight.

Yesterday was a combination of rain and snow, and as the temperature fell over the course of the day it became more and more snow.  And ice.  By the end of the evening, as I walked home from a nearby mall, there was still an unpleasant amount of slush on the ground but it was rapidly freezing.

It has been easy to walk through the entire Toronto autumn this year, and until today I was wondering if it would be a problem in the winter as well.  This morning I woke up to a heavy layer of snow over everything and slippery ice hiding beneath it on the sidewalks even from my front door to the bus stop, so I am finding myself doubting the chances of finding another weekend in the near future to do an impromptu 20km training walk like Andrew and I did a few weekends ago.

The gym I have been attending for over a year now is kind enough to allow us to train there on guest passes, so sometime in the next month we will be gearing up for a terribly boring 28km treadmill walk.  With the treadmills we will find it easier to keep pace, since they won’t let us slow down to enjoy the scenery – but with the same lack of scenery the walk will seem a lot longer.  I usually aim for about 5 kilometres per hour when walking, so including a half hour break after the first 10 and an hour’s break for lunch after the first 20, we will be looking at just under seven and a half hours at the gym.

I enjoy my time at the gym for the most part, but a big part of my love of walking is the scenery – seeing places, seeing people, even places I’ve seen before.  Removing that and just walking the treadmill can be dreadful, even during my regular weekday workouts of one or two hours.  Walking a treadmill for six hours will be a challenge in and of itself.  Hopefully having the rest of the Wayfarers with me will help.

What do you do to help occupy yourself at the gym?  Do you listen to music, watch the TVs that some treadmills have?  Let us know in the comments here or on Facebook!

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