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Childhood Inspirations

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Since my research into whether or not we can carry torches around safely and within the bounds of the law has hit a bit of a wall (and by that I mean I have no clue whatsoever and no idea where to look) I thought I’d share a bit more of a personal note today. I mention in my own bio about having enjoyed many fantasy stories when I was younger. This was heavily influenced with what I now describe as a borderline childhood obsession with dragons. I don’t mean any of these as book reviews, because in truth I barely remember what they were about. All I can say is that they were something I enjoyed somewhere between the ages of 5 and 15.


I thought I’d start with a book from my very early youth. The Muffin Muncher by Stephen Cosgrove. In truth, being that this is a vague recollection and it took me numerous Google searches to even recall the title, I was pleasantly surprised at being able to still find it in print. Admittedly a muffin eating dragon isn’t exactly the mighty beast most of us might picture in high fantasy novels, but it was still one of my early favourites (and to be honest, you’re pretty much getting whatever books I still remember). I’m not going to lie, I likely only owned this book because I saw the front cover picture and went “Mommy dragon buy buy buy!”. Maybe moments like that is why bookstore owners got a twinkle in their eye when I returned.




Next up is the Paper Bag Princess. I’m sure there are many of you out there who recall Robert Munsch’s books fondly. I know I did at least, and this one had the added benefit of having a giant green lizard in it! When looking this up I find it’s often describe as being a good book to read to young girls because it flips the princess cliche around. Maybe the social ideal melted into my head in a subtle manner but…to be honest…I tended to get weird looks when I told people about it as a kid. I think it was mostly because I was rooting for the dragon.

Gotta give me some credit though, for those of you who recall how it turned it out…Princess Elizabeth might as well just have let the dragon eat Prince Ronald. Might well have been doing the kingdom a favour.


The last one was a personal favourite of mine, and lately I’ve been considering actually seeing if I can’t locate some of them again. Before I ever played anything like Dungeons and Dragons, I used to frequent the library looking for books from the Lone Wolf series by Joe Dever . I use to also enjoy the old Choose Your Own Adventure series, and Lone Wolf was much like that but with an added touch of skills you selected as you went throughout the books. Ah yes, before I was ever introduced to dice…there was a page at the back of a book where you were suppose to close your eyes, turn your pencil upside down…thrust it downwards and hope to God you didn’t die. I have a tendency to assume anything I did when I was 10 years old has since been swallowed up into a forgotten void…so I have to admit I was shocked to discover not only where these still in print…they are still being written. This walk down memory lane may prove to have future consequences on my spending habits.


I did a lot of reading as a child. Heck, sometimes it was even the book the teacher told me too! It was quite a note of frustration for both my teachers and parents. I could spend 3 hours in an evening finishing off these books…but there was simply no time for the half hour assignment based on it afterwards. I wonder how well I actually could have done if I had submitted a book report about how I saved the world in Lone Wolf #2 with nothing more than a broken stick and a frying pan?

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