Our Quest

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The Wayfarers are an organization of six men and countless helpers who are taking aim at cancer in our own way: by being exactly the nerds we have always been.

We here at the Wayfarers have the simple mission of drawing on our love of nerd culture to raise funds for cancer-fighting foundations worldwide.

In 2012 we will be doing that by forming a traditional adventuring party – classic Dungeons and Dragons style – and taking a 500-mile journey by foot and boat through the hills of Ireland and Scotland.  We will be wearing “medieval fantasy” inspired costumes and wearing gear like armour to simulate the hardships that such an adventuring party would endure.  To make sure we keep true to the tone of a medieval fantasy journey, we have a set of guidelines we will be following:

  • We will not accept rides on any transport method except a boat or ferry from Larne (Northern Ireland) to Troon (Scotland) once the journey begins.  During our trip we also will not be staying in hotels or motels.  Taverns and inns, in the style of the classic adventurers’ rest-stop, are acceptable housing, as are barns, etc. along the route.
  • We will be making use of “period”-appropriate gear and attire, except as follows: sleeping bags (which will be covered), footwear, two timepieces, first aid kits (2 “main,” with each other person carrying a small basic kit), socks and underwear, two working phones (for emergencies only), camera equipment, a single netbook (ideally with 3G connection, for ‘blogging purposes), a compass (which may be period), one flashlight (for emergencies only).  Our tent will be a canvas tarp and sailing rope; no modern nylon and aluminum constructs.