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The Final Roster

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Since the inception of the Quest for the Cure, we have seen a number of roster changes, for reasons ranging from personal to professional to health-related. It has been a long road – no pun intended – and when we bought our tickets last week, we had our final roster in mind.

On September 27th, Dan and Drew will be boarding a flight to Belfast.

This final roster change – bringing us to just two Wayfarers making the trip – does mean a few things will be changing. First and foremost, we won’t be able to hold watches; doing so while also trying to sleep enough for our physical activity levels is just impractical.

We will also be carrying the gear ourselves, but that might not make much of a change – we’ll have less gear to carry, simply because we have fewer people in tents, fewer people eating food, so on and so forth. We’ll still have to carry all of our cooking gear between the two of us, but we can be more selective about what we bring even for that.

To answer a few questions we’ve gotten, though:

Yes, our goal is still $100,000. We are not lowering our fundraising goal, and with your help – everyone reading this – I am confident that we can still reach it.

No, there is no chance that we will cancel the trip. No chance at all. We are committed – and not only because those plane tickets are non-refundable!

We leave Toronto on September 27th, and return on October 28th. We’ll be walking for about 24 of the days in between there, taking a few days off here and there to recuperate and rest our legs. A more detailed itinerary will be posted closer to our flight, I promise – we want anyone in the area to come out and say hello!

What was once akin to the Fellowship has come down to just a pair of guys making their way, but that didn’t stop Frodo and Sam and it won’t stop us.

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