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Contest winners and a new one on the horizon!

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It’s taken us some time, but we have finally recovered from our fantastic Burns Night at the Dukelast week. In the wake of this we can finally announce the winners of the contest that ended in mid-December… and announce a new one that’s starting today!

After narrowing down the entrants, we settled on a tagline that’s been used on the site since the beginning of this year:

Walking in the footsteps of history for a brighter future.

We believe that it speaks to our mission statement and our methods in a way none of the other entries quite hit. We did have a lot of great entries, however, and thank you to everyone who sent one our way. David Syas of Nashua, New Hampshire, who entered this tagline, has generously donated his prize back to the Wayfarers. His name has been put on our list of donors and the $40 has been donated directly to his home charity, the American Cancer Society.

The runner up, “the journey to end cancer starts with a single step,” was suggested by Pat Scanlon of Rochester, New York, whose t-shirt is ready to be delivered to him!

The visual advertisement we chose wasn’t quite perfect – we got a number of entries that we liked (I am wearing one right now, in t-shirt form, that was the runner-up), but the one we all chose was an early version of the following. We had the winner, Florida native Kelly Lee, do a few minor changes before sending us the following:

You can download wallpapers (1024×713; 800×600; 640×480) if you like. Kelly’s prize has already been sent.

The runner-up image, submitted by Alexandra Misset of our hometown Toronto, was actually a t-shirt design. We ordered some of these shirts for the Wayfarers’ training this summer and I’ve been wearing my two new hoodie sweatshirts everywhere – I’ll get some pictures soon and post them up.

A New Contest

Starting today, we are holding a contest that hearkens back to the reason we all love high fantasy to begin with: stories.

From now until the end of May – yes, that’s four months! – we are looking for submissions of short fiction, up to 5000 words in length, with a theme of “quests.” There is no genre or formatting requirement beyond that; just make sure it’s about a quest of some sort. Each entry into the contest will cost $5.

Why the cost? Because the winner of this contest will be winning 30% of the total entry fees. Second place will win 15%. Third place will win 10%. All three will get their fiction linked to on our site, as well as a link to their personal websites if they have them. And the remaining 45% will be donated directly to the Wayfarers’ charity in your region – that’s $2.25 per entry towards our cause, and a chance to win big for your writing!

Entries will be judged by a neutral panel of judges that is yet to be determined – we have some big things in the works on that front, so stay tuned for an update next week (including details on how to submit!) and start your writing.

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