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Buy our wristbands!

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Paul posted about our Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure silicone bracelets a few weeks back, but as of yesterday we are able to send them anywhere in the United States for a small fee.

Our Wayfarer bracelets, both sidesOn our friend (and NPC) Jenn Syas’ etsy page, you can buy the wristbands for the same price we are selling them in person using any major credit card. A shipping charge of just $2 will be added if you can’t receive the wristband in person.

As Paul posted in his original message, $4 from each wristband sale will go directly to the cancer society for the region in which you live (if you’re in Canada, it will be the Canadian Cancer Society; if you’re in America, it will be the American Cancer Society; anywhere else will be donated to the Association for International Cancer Research). The other $1 will help us recoup expenses for the wristbands, as well as a small amount towards our business cards.

We have already sold a couple dozen of these wristbands but have literally hundreds more to sell – buy one (or several!) and show your support today! Click here to go directly to the Etsy page!

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