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Burns Night Approacheth

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When I started bouncing the idea for the Wayfarers around in my head – and in the heads of my friends – I knew that it would be a lot of work.  At first the work involved was simply training and getting gear together; then it expanded to getting the word out and trying to raise funds.

Since then it has exploded to nearly monthly events, starting with this month’s Burns Night on January 23rd.  As already briefly discussed, our Burns Night at the Duke will be a $60 plate event that will include live music, delicious served food and a chance to meet the Wayfarers and talk to us about what we are doing.

We have finally put together the Burns Night Order Form – a simple sheet that you can print off to give to a Wayfarer with cash (if you know us personally) or email details from to us.  Remember that we need a choice made for each of the options at the bottom of the sheet, for every person that is attending.

Accepting anything other than cash payments ends up costing us money; we are willing to do it via PayPal but need to charge an additional $3 (for a total of $63 per ticket) in order to cover our own costs and not take away from the fundraising that we are performing.  If you would like to attend but will not be able to pay cash until the event itself, email us and tell us so.  We will reserve your seat.

That said there are still seats available and we would love to have you for a night of great food from the Duke itself, live music provided by the York Celtic Ensemble and a cause for the ages.

Order your tickets now by emailing us here!

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