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A New Site

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Longtime readers will notice that we haven’t had many updates lately, but I am glad to say that this is about to change.

In the coming weeks we are finally pulling all of the loose threads of a master plan together and publishing our press package for the Wayfarers’ summer campaign leading up to our walk. Part of that is a refurbished website, and that means new content, exciting announcements, and even a ‘vlog that will be published as often as our poor NPC Brittany is able to piece clips of boring walks together.

Our refurbished website is going to be followed by a social media campaign that will see us more active on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even YouTube and Tumblr in the near future.

This is our inaugural post using our “Facebook-integrated” website, a first (public) step in the new website. Please check out the features we have now – from Facebook comments to easy sharing with your friends! Help us spread the word and get to our goal!

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