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Something I Wish We Could Bring

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One of the things we’re most worried about on our Quest is how wet it’s going to be over there. Scotland is well-known to be rainier than Toronto (though comparing charts, linked above, you’ll see that the amount of rain is similar, it’s just that we get fewer days) – and as Andrew noted in an early post, I am not the biggest fan of being rained on.

Beyond that, though, what about our gear? Our food? The paper we’ll be bringing to write letters to the people who bid on our calendar? All this and more needs to be protected, and we’ll be experimenting with a few different methods of doing that this summer (with results being posted, don’t worry!).

In today’s day and age, though, we are able to do better with the help of something as simple as Tupperware. When our friend Brigitte (who runs her own independent consultancy, Brigitte’s Tupperware) offered to do a fundraising campaign for us, how could we say no?

Get the protection for your food (and other things) that we can’t use in October,  get great prices, and help contribute to the Wayfarers all at once by checking out this fundraising catalogue that she will be using for the length of the campaign, starting now! The great part about this catalogue is that it tells you exactly how much of the cost goes to the Wayfarers’ cause.

As usual, the Wayfarers aren’t handling the money in this situation – payment goes directly to Brigitte for this. You can contact her by messaging her on Facebook, emailing her (, or calling or texting her (705-562-0158).

As for payment options, she has a number of them:

There are a few options available to pay for your order. In this age of internet, one can never be too careful about what information to provide so I will give you the choice of preferred method.

1) Cheque:

This is honestly my least favorite method for a few reasons. Most financial institutions hold cheques for 5 to 10 business days now. That means that I would not be placing an order for you until the cheque clears, plus the 2 weeks for delivery. That also means you would be waiting a month for your order. If a cheque comes back NSF, an additional fee of 25$ will be required.

2) Cash:
This is the best option as it involves having to meet face to face, which ensures the validity of my business and your order.

3) Electronic Interac:
I like this option as well, but I must charge an additional 4$ for this service. The reason for this is because I deal with the Caisse Populaire and they charge me 4$ to accept these transactions.

Check it out, and remember – every Tupperware purchase you make through this campaign helps the Wayfarers!

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