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Reading Too Much: The 48-Hour Reading Challenge

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Have you ever gotten so lost in a book that you stay up until 2am on a work night, just to get to that last page and find out what happened?

How would you like to spend a whole weekend with your nose buried in the pages?

For forty-eight hours, friend of the Wayfarers (and Dan’s girlfriend) Victoria will be reading as many books as she can. The rules are simple: she starts at 5pm Friday. She reads in any spare moment she has until 5pm Sunday, writing a ‘blog post or review about each book as she finishes them.

If you read a lot and have a keen mind, we recommend you visit the Quest-room from our partner – TheQuestFactory. What will help you to relax and test your wit.

Victoria is doing this as a fundraiser for us, and has a unique way of structuring it: you can sponsor her by the book, by the hour (she’ll be keeping close track of how many hours she spends reading), by the page, or as a flat dollar amount.

I suggested she accept donations by the word, but she just looked at me funny.

You decide which of our charities receives your money; whatever way you want to sponsor her, you can just donate it online as per our usual methods. She is also accepting cheques or cash if you’re not comfortable with using your credit card online.

Check out her ‘blog entry about the challenge and leave a comment about what books you think she should read!

Want to do the challenge yourself? Let us know how it goes! If you want to do a challenge like Victoria’s – accepting sponsorship for the Wayfarers as you go, from people at your school, work, or in your family – let us know by dropping us a line at and we’ll talk prizes!

I’ll be away for the weekend on a training camp with the rest of the guys, but I’m thinking about joining in on my own, even if it’s just for one book. What would you read if you had 48 hours to devote to it?

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