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Give to the Cause

Our goal for this walk is a whopping $100,000 – not an easy feat, but neither will be our trek.  Every dollar helps, and no matter where you’re from you can help someone close by and relevant to your area.

Below you’ll find links to each of the three charities that we are supporting.  By clicking on the links you’ll be able to donate to those charities directly; we never have anything to do with your money.  You can also see a list of our contributors by clicking here.

As of the current writing we have received $15,710.50 in donations!  Thank you, everyone!

From Canada?

In Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society has been a constant presence in our lives since childhood fundraisers in our schools and it was no hard choice to go with them as our home country charity.  They are a phenomenal society who focuses on smaller-scale events and works closely with communities, and we are proud to be donating to them.

We are working in Canada with CanadaHelps, which charges a very small fee (3.9%) to cover the cost of online transactions.  Click here to donate if you live in Canada!

From the United Kingdom?

Our charity in the United Kingdom is the Association for International Cancer Research (or “AICR” for short).  They take donations from all over the world and put the money where it’s going to be the most useful – whether that is to researchers in the UK, the US, Canada or Cambodia, AICR keeps an eye on the international research scene and tries to help without borders.

We are working with JustGiving, a fantastic charitable fundraising site that has worked closely with the Association for International Cancer Research in the past.  Please click here to go to our JustGiving site for the quest.

From the United States?

The American Cancer Society has been around for a very long time and has done immeasurable work to not only help with research but also with coping for those afflicted with cancer.

ACS has its own online donation system, called TeamACS; our team can be accessed by clicking here.  Thanks for your help!

Donations by cheque

We strongly prefer that donations be sent through the secure credit card donation sites that are listed above.  If you are unable to do that, please drop us a line and let us know.

Despite our preference for electronic donations, we are able to accept cheques for the cause.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about donating by cheque.

To date we have received $100 in cheque donations – once again, thank you so much!