You find yourself in the local tavern… in D&D. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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You find yourself in the local tavern…

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… the light is dim, with the flames from a dozen torches and a roaring fire battling against the shadows cast by the busy patronage.  A chandelier drips wax above your heads in the rafters, but it can only do so much.

Hay coats the floor and lends the smell of the neighbouring farms to the comforting smells of ales behind the counter and meaty stew being cooked for the night’s meal.  Fresh bread tantalizes you from the oven that is barely hidden by the tavern’s stone walls.

The night is as busy as it ever is, but you manage to find a table with just a few others at it already…

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in sixth grade – or, rather, just after sixth grade, with one of my new friends Jeff.  We played in my bedroom at a card table set up for the occasion.  The adventure was called Escape from Zanzer’s Dungeon, and it took me through everything – how to resolve combat, how to search for traps (and why), and the basics of roleplaying.

I was hooked.  In high school I played D&D almost every Saturday, sometimes for eight hours or more.  By the end of high school these were friends that I did everything with, and sometimes that meant games would go slowly as we made our jokes and spent almost as much time casually socializing as we did rolling dice.  Our group ranged in size from five people to eleven, depending on peoples’ availability.  This was high school to me, and I loved it.

Since then the game has changed – Zanzer’s Dungeon was a “basic” D&D game, and the first rules I learned I only used for that series.  I went through AD&D’s “second edition,” and was the first in our group to embrace the bizarre new third edition when it came out in 2000.  I was, again, ready to see what the fourth edition had to offer when it came out in 2007, though by then our group had graduated from high school and largely gone their separate ways.

D&D was a big part of what made me join Amtgard, and was – I hope it’s already clear! – the inspiration behind this walk’s unique method.  We are aiming to be a classic adventuring party, starting in a tavern and taking a winding route full of history, scenic routes and legendary monsters.  (Don’t try to tell Sean that Nessie doesn’t exist.)

Because of this, we are writing a fourth edition adventure path that will take your characters – self-created, or taken from stock characters each of us will be creating for the occasion – from first to tenth level.  This is known in this edition as the “heroic tier,” where you start getting known by the world at large as people willing to go one step above.

Keep an eye here on Mondays for the rest of the year for updates and character backgrounds for our stock characters.  Next week we’ll debut with the leader of the party, Dherek – a chainmail-wearing fighter with a family history of adventurers…

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