Character Bio: Razalar in D&D. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Character Bio: Razalar

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As we posted about in our November 7th article, Mondays for the next little while are being devoted to the Dungeons and Dragons module that we are developing for people who want to get involved with our cause.  The five stock characters who will be included in the module pack all have basic backgrounds that will allow anyone to play them – today’s is our fourth, with Paul’s character.

At age 12, Razalar lost his entire family to a bandit raid while travelling to the capital city. Razalar survived by hiding under the family carriage as per his mother’s request, and stayed there so long that he succumbed to sleep. That night, he had a dream that led him to a strange tower in the surrounding forest. When he awoke he retraced the steps of his dream to find the tower before him.

The tower was home to a friendly elderly wizard named Galthazam, who took Razalar in and taught the young man in the ways of magic. With Razalar in his twenties, and Galthazam realizing this would be his last living day, he told Razalar that the bandits who murdered his family were after the Ring of the Moon, and that they were still searching for the item.

That night, along with Galthazam’s passing, Razalar had another prophetic dream. He began walking, and let his feet led him to the White Lion inn two weeks later. He didn’t know where they would take him, but he knew that inside this building would be the companions that would help get him the find the Ring of the Moon, and thus, the bandits responsible for the murder of his family.

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