Character Bio: Dherek in D&D. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Character Bio: Dherek

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As we posted about in our November 7th article, Mondays for the next little while are being devoted to the Dungeons and Dragons module that we are developing for people who want to get involved with our cause.  The five stock characters who will be included in the module pack all have basic backgrounds that will allow anyone to play them – today’s is our first, with my character.

Dherek’s parents are the proprietors of the White Lion, the prominent inn-and-tavern in the adventurers’ hometown. His mother, a baker known for her pastries and breads throughout the county, married his father – an adventurer of some small renown in the area himself – and they opened the White Lion shortly thereafter, when Dafydd decided to settle down and start a family.

Dherek, their only child, was raised on tales of adventure from his father and hearty meals from his mother. He grew quickly and could often be found swinging a wooden sword at a post he put in back of the Lion when he wasn’t hauling kegs and carts to and fro for his parents. A massive strength built in him early, and his constant training built skill until his father proudly took him aside, gave him the suit of heavy chain armour he had himself worn almost three decades earlier, and told him to make his own way.

Character sheet: [coming soon]

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