Character Bio: Declan McBrearty in D&D. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Character Bio: Declan McBrearty

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As we posted about in our November 7th article, Mondays for the next little while are being devoted to the Dungeons and Dragons module that we are developing for people who want to get involved with our cause.  The five stock characters who will be included in the module pack all have basic backgrounds that will allow anyone to play them – today’s is our second, with Adam’s character.

Declan McBrearty grew up under the stern but loving eyes of his mother and uncle in a city of moderate size near to where the adventure begins.  His mother, uncle and father (before his passing) were adventurers alongside Dherek’s father before settling down in the same city that they grew up in.  Raised as a city boy, Declan always felt constrained by the tall granite walls and towers of the city and often took excursions to the nearby towns for some ‘fresh air.’  As he grew and fostered a strong love for the outdoors these trips became more and more lengthy with Declan ranging away for months at a time.

The skills he learned to keep him alive while abroad were either self taught or, more regularly, gleaned from his father’s journals.  His father, a ranger before him who died adventuring had left behind a bevy of journals detailing his exploits as well as all he knew about the natural world.  Dec cleaved to these like holy scriptures and by the time he had left his adolescence behind he had become a skilled ranger, tracker and outdoors man.

Character sheet: [coming soon]

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