Character Bio: André in D&D. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Character Bio: André

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As we posted about in our November 7th article, Mondays for the next little while are being devoted to the Dungeons and Dragons module that we are developing for people who want to get involved with our cause.  The five stock characters who will be included in the module pack all have basic backgrounds that will allow anyone to play them – today’s is our third, with Drew’s character.

André never had to work for much of anything.  Being born into the notable wealth of a minor noble family, his material wants were easily afforded and were freely given.  Even arcane arts, much to the frustration of his mentors, seemed to flow from him despite his lack of understand or study.  He grew up embracing his noble lifestyle and developed a taste for elegant clothing, lavish foods, and refined surroundings.  Unfortunately, much to the consistent embarrassment of his family, he also had a taste for wild parties, eccentric public appearances, and dangerous (and usually unnecessary) acts of bravado.

Many believed André would have made a good lord.  Despite a lack of modesty and numerous acts of embarrassment to his family, he was well loved by the common folk and was known for being both generous and just.  Being the fourth child of his parents however, André learned early on that his importance was modest at best.  This was just as well for him, for stories from the common folk filled with a longing to chase the horizon.  He wanted to experience strife, travel, and storms.  When he was old enough, he told his parents that he wished to delay his eventual marriage so that he might tour across distant lands.  Officially this was labeled as a way to develop new trade and learn of distant lords, merchants, and lands.  In actuality, his family’s sadness to see him go was matched only by their relief to have him gone.

Character sheet: [coming soon]

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