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What’s facial hair to a man?

November is a month where every man has a choice.  He can go about his facial hair like he normally does.  Or he can grow a moustache and participate in Movember!

Now, I’m not a big fan of moustaches.  Actually, I find they look hideous.  However, considering that I’ve signed up for a month long trek through Scotland to raise money for cancer research, what’s a month with a moustache on face?  If my facial hair can raise awareness about men’s issues, such as prostate cancer, sporting a moustache for a month is an easy sacrifice to make.

Without reading up on Movember’s official rules, I decided to grow a beard so that I could shave off all but the moustache on the night of October 31st.  In the meantime, I decided to be a lumberjack for Halloween. Why not, I had a beard!  The beard came in really well and I’ve had a few people tell me that I should keep it.  However, I was committed to participating in Movember so the beard had to go!

So I now sit, shaved down to my moustache, fully aware that I’m not ‘technically’ following the rules of Movember.  I’m supposed to start the month with a clean-shaven face and only let my moustache grow.  But since this is my first year participating, I’ve decided that I’m allowed to break a rule or two.  I’ll just start raising awareness right away, starting now, with this article.

The tagline for Movember is: “Changing the face of men’s health”.  I hope you can appreciate the moustache I’ve grown – and will continue to grow – and contribute to a great cause.

Are you going to participate in Movember?  If so, how?

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