Movember Update III in Charity. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Movember Update III

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We are now more than two thirds of the way through Movember and my ‘stache has reached ‘full grown’ status.  Of course, I will continue to let it grow for the rest of the month and end the month with one more final update.

With the awkward growth face over with, and most of the people I see regularly getting used to the moustache, I often find myself forgetting that it’s even on my face.  That’s why when I get a reaction, it surprises me again.  The shock leaves quickly though as I remember that it’s there.

The most recent of such reactions was at the office, when a couple members of our R&D team were at my  building for a meeting.  I ran into them walking by the boardroom on my way to lunch.  Some laughs happened and I remembered “Oh yeah, the moustache.”

“Do you know what you look like?”

“No,” I responded, thinking of lots of things I’ve heard so far but wondering where this was going.

“A 70s porn star.”

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time I had heard that exact comment.  What is it with specifically combining the 70’s as well as porn star with the moustache?  While I have had a few random comments about the 70’s, I haven’t heard porn star without 70’s attached to the comment.  I wasn’t alive back then, so I suppose I’ll never know.

I ran into the same person the next day.  “When’s your movie coming out?” he asked.  Other than men’s health and prostate cancer awareness, at least this moustache is also bringing comedy into my life.

Even though diseases like prostate cancer are very serious and men across the globe are growing moustache to bring awareness to this problem, it is important we find joy in life.  Growing a moustache is a silly way to bring awareness to a real problem.  Follow this link to a Penny Arcade comic that explains just that!

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