Movember Update II in Charity. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Movember Update II

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After all the laughs I got on the first day of Movember wearing an already full sized moustache, I returned to work clean shaved and everything returned to normal.  I was no longer the company laughing stock.  At least for now.

I didn’t shave for a couple days since it would have been too difficult to try to keep just the moustache.  On November 4thI did my first shave and you can see the results here.

I then hit the road (having taken the day off from work) to go to Syracuse for the weekend to celebrate Dan’s birthday.  The weekend involved seeing a lot of old friends and having some good times getting together.  Dan and I got to join in on some Haranshire fun and attended their coronation feast and made a Wayfarer announcement.  It was a good time and I managed to find the time to continue to shave and took another picture on the 6th.



On Monday morning, I found myself awake at 4:30AM to take a flight to Billings, Montana for work.  I kept on trimming every morning but each one had me up before 6AM and taking a picture was never really on my mind at that time of the day.  While there is never as much time as you want on a work trip to really get to see the places you visit, I did have a couple hour drive to meet our customer and got to see a lot of very beautiful Montana sights, including mountains and deer.  I didn’t actually see too many moustaches out west.  I also saw snow.  The temperature was often below freezing.  Sometimes I really forget how lucky I am that even though I live in Canada; Toronto is a pretty warm place overall!

I didn’t really think about a picture until I was in the airport waiting for my transfer in Denver on the 9th.

While this is being published on the 10th, I wrote this the night of the 9th, and haven’t been to my office since
November 3rd.  In a sense, my plan to get everyone in the office used to my moustache gradually coming in isn’t
going to work with not having to go in for six days.  Still, I believe the moustache I am currently growing will look better than my former eyesore.

I will continue for the month to grow my ‘stache in support of bringing awareness to men’s health issues in support of Movember.  I’ll be checking in again around November 21st to let you know how it’s growing!

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