Movember Update I in Charity. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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Movember Update I

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Not every idea is a good idea.

My moustache got a lot of attention at work, but not necessarily the positive kind.  “I can’t even look at it,” a colleague of mine tells me, as he laughs and stares at his computer screen to avoid seeing the monstrosity on my face.

I believe it was the sixth or seventh person to see me in the day to see me to only smile and not make a big deal of it.  I told him thanks for not laughing at me like everyone else had.  He said he experimented with moustaches in the past so he understood what they looked like.

Every female coworker that saw me laughed, without exception.

While I didn’t get any truly negative feedback (I certainly caused a lot of laughter) I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to survive this for the full month.  Especially so early when most men participating in Movember were all shaved.

So I decided to go back on my plan to cheat the rules, and I’ve shaved off the moustache.  On the evening of November 1st, 2011, I was clean shaven and taking part in Movember like I am supposed to.  I’m hoping that growing the moustache will ease people into it and it won’t cause the shock it did today.

My moustache was even mistaken as a fake!  I was told that I was supposed to ‘wear’ that yesterday (referring to Hallowe’en) by my coworker who sits by the mail that should get a glimpse of me every day.  Apparently, she hadn’t realized that I had grown a beard in October.  When things come in slowly, they are less noticeable (even a full beard).  But when you have a hideous thing like my former moustache suddenly appear on your face, everyone notices!

Movember should be an interesting month.

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