A Training Run for Kids with Cancer in Charity, Training. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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A Training Run for Kids with Cancer

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As the clock ticks closer and closer to 2012, the date we leave for the walk is approaching. This has me looking into what I could do to further motivate myself for training. At work this week, Glen mentioned the Sporting Life 10k Run, so I decided to check out their website and see what it’s all about.

The purpose of this race is to raise money to send children with cancer to summer camps. This aligns quite well with the Wayfarers’ goals in the Quest for the Cure, so that was certainly a positive start. The date of May 13th was far enough away that I didn’t have anything planned yet. (Note: a quick check online led to the discovery that May 13th is Mother’s Day. Mom, I hope you understand why I won’t be able to visit on this weekend. I’ll make sure to call you when I’m done the run!) The date was far enough away that I had time to train, and still well in advance of when I leave for the Quest so it wouldn’t interfere with any last minute planning.

The route is very similar to portions of training walks I’ve been on walked before, so I don’t believe the 10km will feel too long. Also, and thankfully, it’s mostly downhill. Not finishing where I’m starting is less than convenient, and has made my decision to take public transit there and back is better than trying to find parking with my car.

I’ve never done a 10km run in my life, and yet, I had to select my time when registering. The fastest selection was for less than 48 minutes, which I didn’t even want to attempt to get into. I’ll let the faster people leave at 8AM without me there to slow them down. I settled for the third group, with a time of 56 to 59 minutes, with the hopes that I will be able to get myself in good enough shape to run the race in under an hour. I don’t want to admit that it will take me more than an hour and that I will be slower than half the people doing the race. I have a standard to meet now and thus, motivation for training.

With the snow outside now, I’m not even sure where I will be training just yet. The idea of signing up to a gym has come across my mind. I believe seeking professional help to get in top physical shape for the grueling journey of walking approximately 26km a day, every day for four weeks, is certainly a good idea. Having a treadmill to run on and practice doing 10km inside, before taking my run outside in the spring, would also be beneficial to training for this run.

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