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Hullo Hullo,

First of all let me start by apologizing that this is two days late.  I looked everywhere for these blasted questions, thinking that they were being forwarded to the email account that I check daily.  I was of course wrong and when I found them in the wee hours of the morning I decided that I had best put off in favour of sleep.  But now that I’ve found them I can actually do something about them.  Round 1, Fight!

Question the first!

From Alex in Toronto, she asks, Why Ireland and Scotland?

Good question!  Why?  Because I didn’t even ask it when Daniel first brought this idea screaming and kicking into the real world.  I’m so taken by the British Isles that I didn’t blink twice upon hearing.  I believe my only thought was BOOYA!  But that might have been the drink talking.  In answer though, Scotland and a quick start in Ireland was decided on because of their historical relation to the Medieval Epic idea.  And I believe more importantly that the language of the natives being our language was also a strong deciding factor.  After all I’d hate to get to our first stop in town and have to speak very s..lo..wly… and LOUDLY to everyone I meet.  I mean, duh.

Question two!

Why are we dressing in costumes?

Didn’t understand this one at first.  When I asked Daniel his response was “Yeaahh, I knew you didn’t read the site so I figured I could keep it a secret until we got out there and handed you your outfit.”  In other news Paul will now be leading our quest!  Daniels has gone on…um…vacation.  Yeah.  Yeah that’ll do.

Seriously though we figured what can we do to stand out and make this walk something unique.  Daniels idea of recreating heroes walking from one point to another on their mission to save the Realm was perfect.  Not to mention we’re all rather nerdy and keen to dress up like certified BadAs*#@!  Aww come on I can’t say RADIO EDIT!

Question three!

Will you be doing this again if it goes well?

I picked this question because it does relate back to the first two questions about location and costumes.  The answer is, while knocking on wood, a hopeful yes.  Without being too premature we would probably endeavour to do this kind of fundraising again.  But on second and subsequent times doing it in different locations and with different themes.

Question four!

What part of modern living will be hardest to live without?

This question also comes from Alex.  My first response was to laugh in my computers face.  Rudely.  The honest answer would be ‘every damn thing’.  That or the Internets.  Honestly though I think it will come down to something simple or small.  Like always reaching for my watch or my cell that I’ll never find no matter how much I reach there.  I’ll probably be feeling phantom rings the entire time we’re out there.  Other than that though I would have to say a book.  I’m always reading something and the idea of not having a book to unwind with at the end of a day sounds bloody dreadful.  Maybe I’ll smuggle one through in Daniels luggage.  Perfect.

Question five!

What are you looking forward to most during this trip?

The hotel in Edinburgh.  Without a shadow of a doubt.  Oh.  Oh you definitely said during the trip didn’t you?  Right.  Never mind then.  In that case I would have to say all of the new experiences and sights.  I’m sorry if that’s an obvious answer.  I’ve never been across the pond so actually being where my family is from (Ireland) is going to be incredible.  I’m also excited to see how the watch system works and what it will be like to stand guard and tend the fire all night.  I’ll probably suck at it and read the book I’m smuggling out there.

Thanks very much to everyone who took the time to read this and hopefully enjoy it.  I actually enjoyed writing it.  I know, I’m as surprised as you are.  Please feel free to write in this week and I’ll have some fresh questions and answers up by the Friday after.  See you in fourteen days!





Questions? We’ve got answers.

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So far, we’ve had questions from all over the country (and other countries) coming our way about the trip.  Most of them boil down to the same half-dozen queries, and the answers to those can all be found on this site… but spread out rather a lot.

How often do you use stock photography on your website?

Because of this, Adam has offered to run a question-and-answer feature on the site every second Friday.  Starting this week we’re going to be doing “feature Fridays,” with my “Better Know Your Route” feature this week and his feature next week, and alternating thereafter.

We’re going to have a “features” category set up so that you can easily find all of these posts in the future – and maybe a FAQ page to have updated on occasion as well.  All manner of magical things are coming up!

So email Adam any questions you have about the group, about the walk, about anything – he will choose the five best and post them.  If he has more than five that he really wants to answer, I’m sure he’ll consider expanding that a bit.

Comments on our site are also going to be perused for questions – so feel free to drop us a line here, on our Facebook or via Twitter.

Happy asking!