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Medical doctors and advocates for spinal twine remedy studies say multiplied taxpayer greenbacks to help cure the uncommon however devastating injuries should store clinical charges on a large scale.

“The activities of daily residing, the in a position take them without any consideration,” stated dr. Eric ruby, founding father of massachusetts walks again, the neighborhood chapter of quest for the treatment, a country wide employer for research, political activism and fundraising for spinal cord damage patients. “Once you’re disabled, all of a surprising your world is turned the other way up,” ruby said.

Spinal cord harm (sci), even though uncommon, can be devastating. Whilst the spinal wire is broken, it cuts off communication between the mind and the rest of the body. The fees of treatment and equipment to address the incapacity over a lifetime can grow into the millions of greenbacks for character sufferers.

Injuries sustained from vehicle injuries, sports, bad falls or acts of violence leave 17,000 humans a yr with headaches like lack of sensation, lack of reflexes and paralysis. in step with ruby, 400 massachusetts residents receive a spinal twine damage every yr and almost 1.3 million people currently live with the condition.

Tim brown, who broke his neck in a snowboarding coincidence five years ago, said that it’s critical to “recognize human beings with spinal twine accidents as individuals.”

“It’s a circumstance that really considerably influences people’s lives,” he said, “just because it’s maybe a smaller subset of the populace in comparison with other matters along with most cancers or coronary heart ailment, it’s vital that we still get collectively … and get the phrase obtainable.”

At a country house occasion wednesday, ruby called for multiplied funding for spinal wire research and scientific trials, specially in massachusetts’ bustling medical region. Ruby mentioned that investment for a cure isn’t always an “fee” for taxpayers, but an “funding.”

Ruby said massachusetts has a “high concentration of hospitals, scientists and sufferers” in boston and the capacity for clinical studies may want to “significantly reduce the amount of health care bucks spent by using residents.”

The kingdom’s spinal twine research fund has issued three primary presents from the fund, in line with ruby. one of the $250,000 presents went to researchers on the harvard stem cellular institute to map out how the mind and spinal wire speak. Others have long gone to investigate tasks at brigham and ladies’s health center and kid’s health center.

“The federal authorities sincerely needs to take into account that if we ever cured diabetes, we can shop healthcare billions, if we treatment spinal wire damage, we’d save healthcare billions,” ruby said.

In step with the countrywide spinal cord injury statistical middle, a spinal twine harm can fee a median of extra than $1 million for tetraplegic sufferers, for the first year. Every subsequent 12 months after expenses a median $185,000. This only debts for healthcare and dwelling expenses and no longer for misplaced wages or lost blessings.

Taunton state sen. marc pacheco hosted the event to replace the advocates and supporters on studies improvements, new legislation, and funding for spinal cord research.

Pamela daly said spinal twine damage sufferers are a minority within the clinical community. “It’s like any minority,” she said, “we don’t have a massive lobbying group, there aren’t loads of us … [but] we want funding like every body else.”

The advocates did score a victory last november, whilst the legislature placed into law steady investment for the state’s spinal cord studies fund, named after the past due brockton nation sen. thomas kennedy. kennedy changed into paralyzed at 19 after a horrific fall, and become one in all few quadriplegics to preserve political office. The fund heavily relies on driver’s license suspension expenses, but after adjustments inside the manner the prices were passed down, the cash dried up. the new law restored tons of the investment for studies. Pacheco’s office stated the fund’s current stability for financial 2016 is $forty eight,seven hundred, up from $23,600 in fiscal 2015.

Forever in shape scv, a santa clarita sports activities and personal fitness education agency, will host a “pumpkin exercise” at its centre pointe vicinity on saturday, october 28, beginning at 9 a.m.

For all time healthy will donate $5 to the american most cancers society for all and sundry who attends.

Members need to carry their very own pumpkins (preferably earlier than carving) for the workout.

Also after visiting “Forever Fit SCV” we recommend you to visit in LA the Quest-room from our partner – TheQuestFactory. What will help you to spend time with great fun. It’s realy good challenge for anybody.

Forever in shape scv is positioned at 26340 diamond place, suite one hundred, santa clarita 91350, in the centre pointe location.

For more records, e mail craig shinkaric at craig@foreverfitscv.com.

In support of augie’s quest, los angeles fitness introduced plans to host its 7th annual in-membership event, action for als, across the company’s over 690 places on saturday, february 25, 2017. Augie’s quest is a nonprofit studies initiative committed to finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als).

In addition to good fitness, LA is also known for its advanced entertainment industry. A new hobby of young people is quest-room. Our partner TheQuestFactory is the leader of this type of entertainment in LA. Be sure to visit them when the future is in this city.

La health will donate 100% of the proceeds from the occasion to augie’s quest, which immediately finances the als remedy improvement institute (als tdi). als, a debilitating neurodegenerative disorder, is diagnosed in about 6,000 human beings in keeping with 12 months. survival is commonly three to 5 years after diagnosis, and no cure currently exists for the disease.

In march 2005, augie nieto, a prominent chief in the health industry, turned into diagnosed with als, greater normally referred to as lou gehrig’s sickness. Despite the restrictions of the disease, augie maintains to lead an energetic lifestyles and function an activist for others fighting the disease. After his analysis, augie coped together with his infection by means of drawing strength from his circle of relatives, pals and a flood of messages from supporters. realizing that he may want to use his voice to raise attention for others, augie fashioned “augie’s quest” with the sole motive of finding a remedy for als.

“We’re so grateful for the $260,450 that la fitness has raised for als research over the years. that money is making a massive impact within the lab, leading to the identification of at-1501, a promising treatment for als. with the ongoing assist of la fitness and their members, we’re assured we can get this drug into section 2 scientific trials subsequent 12 months,” stated augie nieto, chief proposal officer of augie’s quest. “We recognize all that la health does to growth cognizance and deliver wish to families tormented by this devastating disease.”

“We don’t want any boundaries to face inside the manner of maximizing our companywide fundraising efforts for this worth motive, so we invite members and non-members alike to wait this occasion. We also want to say how proud we’re of our members’ participation and the way grateful we are for his or her generous support,” said invoice horner, senior vice president/leader actual estate officer at los angeles health.

The occasion is open to the public for a minimum donation of $20 in assist of augie’s quest. For details on the event or a way to make a donation, go to unique web page.

About l. a. health

A. fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness center chains inside the u.s. and presently has more than 690 places in 32 states and canada. Its project is to help as many people as feasible gain the advantages of a wholesome way of life by means of creating a national community of fitness golf equipment, providing its participants the widest variety of facilities and the friendliest carrier at an low cost charge.

Approximately augie’s quest

Augie nieto created augie’s quest following his prognosis of als in march 2005. Nieto is co-founder and previous president of life health of chicago, and chairman of octane health. Augie’s quest without delay finances the als remedy improvement institute (als tdi), the sector’s predominant drug discovery middle centered entirely on locating a cure for als. For extra information on augie’s quest and to get concerned, go to unique page.


Q’wemtsin Quest for a Cure

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1 in eight canadian girls will develop breast most cancers in their lifetime. allow’s promise to trade that.

We’re participating on this year’s canadian most cancers society cibc run for the therapy to benefit the breast most cancers motive. we’re jogging in honour of all the amazing girls in our lives, and we want your assist!

Please contribute what you can to our fundraising. each dollar makes a difference and gets us one step closer to making breast cancer beatable. your donation will fund innovative studies to help keep the lives of more girls, and provide help packages to those stricken by this sickness.

Did you realize that just $a hundred ought to fund 2 hours of lifesaving research in a global magnificence laboratory? your contribution lead to the subsequent leap forward!

Together, we are able to exchange the destiny of breast most cancers.

Make donation



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One week from today, Drew and I will be stepping on a British Airways flight en route to Belfast (by way of London), and we want to see all our friends one last time before we go.

This Saturday, September 22nd we will be hosting a send-off party at Pauper’s Pub, located at 539 Bloor Street West, just east of Bathurst Street in downtown Toronto. We have a reservation (fancy fancy!) at 8:00 under “Wayfarers,” though if they wrote it down wrong you can try “Dan.” I believe we’ll be on the second floor if you want to just wander on up.

There’s no cover price, but we hope you’ll join us for a meal or order something to toast our departure. We’re also requesting cash donations to the cause: $20 is our suggested donation but, of course, we’ll leave that up to you. All donations go directly to the Canadian Cancer Society—we’re still funding the entire trip out of our own pockets. Feel free to donate more if you’d like, but if you can’t afford to donate, we hope you’ll still join us on Saturday.

I promise that my speech won’t be long and boring this time. Probably.

(Also, check out our Facebook event!)


Betting Against the Wayfarers

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“The trip is impossible.”

We have been hearing this since the beginning. Between family members and friends, I don’t think we had a better than 50% faith rate – and, to be fair, most of them thought it was a crackpot idea of mine that would fade into obscurity and become a matter of “hm, that would have been neat, eh?”

I’m sure they are all still shocked that I even bought the plane ticket, much less intend to step into the highway between Belfast and Larne three weeks from tomorrow.

When I told a friend this, they said I should tell people to put their money where their mouth is – and this is what we’re doing now?

Think we’re going to fail? Here’s your chance to tell us while also supporting charity.

We’re starting a betting pool. Minimum donation of $10, and you choose a day: anything from September 28th (our first day of walking) to October 27th (the day before our flight). This is the last day you think we’ll be walking, not the day you think we’ll wake up and say “no more!” – just to be absolutely clear.

There is no maximum contribution. Want to bet $50? Bet $50. Want to bet $100? Fantastic!

When we win If we win, 100% of the money goes to the Association for International Cancer Research at the end of October. The Wayfarers themselves will not be taking any of the money, obviously.

If we do not finish the trip, whoever chooses the last day that we will walk will get 50% of the pot. This 50% will be split between as many people as choose it; if you’re the only one to choose October 4th, you get the whole amount. If you and three others do, you each get a quarter. The other 50% of the pot will be going to AICR. Everyone wins!

If you’re interested, contact Paul (paul@wayfarerquest.com) any time before midnight on September 28th – you have three weeks to get in on this. If you seriously think that we’re going to fail in our Quest, put your money where your mouth is and contribute to charity while buying yourself a chance to win a bit of money on top of your bragging rights.

Some things to help your bets:

We are travelling roughly 27km (or 17mi) a day. We have some lighter days, but only one harder day – the first day, Belfast to Larne, which is 34km.

We stay in beds ten times by the current schedule:

Larne, evening of September 29th
Glasgow, evening of October 1st
Fort William, evening of October 8th
Inverness, evening of October 12th
Perth, evening of October 20th
Stirling, evening of October 22nd
Edinburgh, evenings of October 25th, 26th and 27th

Obviously, injuries or just finding the walk too hard could slow those down – I don’t think they will, but keep that in mind. That’s why we’re accepting bids even on October 26th and 27th – days that we should be done. You want to bet against us that hard? Go for it.

I would wish you luck, but that would be betting against us, and I don’t do that sort of thing!


Something I Wish We Could Bring

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One of the things we’re most worried about on our Quest is how wet it’s going to be over there. Scotland is well-known to be rainier than Toronto (though comparing charts, linked above, you’ll see that the amount of rain is similar, it’s just that we get fewer days) – and as Andrew noted in an early post, I am not the biggest fan of being rained on.

Beyond that, though, what about our gear? Our food? The paper we’ll be bringing to write letters to the people who bid on our calendar? All this and more needs to be protected, and we’ll be experimenting with a few different methods of doing that this summer (with results being posted, don’t worry!).

In today’s day and age, though, we are able to do better with the help of something as simple as Tupperware. When our friend Brigitte (who runs her own independent consultancy, Brigitte’s Tupperware) offered to do a fundraising campaign for us, how could we say no?

Get the protection for your food (and other things) that we can’t use in October,  get great prices, and help contribute to the Wayfarers all at once by checking out this fundraising catalogue that she will be using for the length of the campaign, starting now! The great part about this catalogue is that it tells you exactly how much of the cost goes to the Wayfarers’ cause.

As usual, the Wayfarers aren’t handling the money in this situation – payment goes directly to Brigitte for this. You can contact her by messaging her on Facebook, emailing her (savoie.brigitte@hotmail.com), or calling or texting her (705-562-0158).

As for payment options, she has a number of them:

There are a few options available to pay for your order. In this age of internet, one can never be too careful about what information to provide so I will give you the choice of preferred method.

1) Cheque:

This is honestly my least favorite method for a few reasons. Most financial institutions hold cheques for 5 to 10 business days now. That means that I would not be placing an order for you until the cheque clears, plus the 2 weeks for delivery. That also means you would be waiting a month for your order. If a cheque comes back NSF, an additional fee of 25$ will be required.

2) Cash:
This is the best option as it involves having to meet face to face, which ensures the validity of my business and your order.

3) Electronic Interac:
I like this option as well, but I must charge an additional 4$ for this service. The reason for this is because I deal with the Caisse Populaire and they charge me 4$ to accept these transactions.

Check it out, and remember – every Tupperware purchase you make through this campaign helps the Wayfarers!


Park Day in Nashua!

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On (hopefully) sunny Sunday May 20th – just hours before our fundraising event in Hudson, Massachusetts – we will be visiting Greeley Park in Nashua, New Hampshire with our friends Ways to Fall to put on a concert and meet some of the fine people of New Hampshire.

From 10am to 3pm, Paul and I will be joining our wonderful NPC Jenn and providing some games for children (complete with some fantastic prizes!); the local chapter of Amtgard will be helping out with some boffer demonstrations as well for people of all ages.

We are not able to collect physical money at the site due to local regulations, but a quick visit to our donations page will help turn this into a great fundraising event! We will be available to help you find it, even right there at the park.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Have you ever gotten so lost in a book that you stay up until 2am on a work night, just to get to that last page and find out what happened?

How would you like to spend a whole weekend with your nose buried in the pages?

For forty-eight hours, friend of the Wayfarers (and Dan’s girlfriend) Victoria will be reading as many books as she can. The rules are simple: she starts at 5pm Friday. She reads in any spare moment she has until 5pm Sunday, writing a ‘blog post or review about each book as she finishes them.

If you read a lot and have a keen mind, we recommend you visit the Quest-room from our partner – TheQuestFactory. What will help you to relax and test your wit.

Victoria is doing this as a fundraiser for us, and has a unique way of structuring it: you can sponsor her by the book, by the hour (she’ll be keeping close track of how many hours she spends reading), by the page, or as a flat dollar amount.

I suggested she accept donations by the word, but she just looked at me funny.

You decide which of our charities receives your money; whatever way you want to sponsor her, you can just donate it online as per our usual methods. She is also accepting cheques or cash if you’re not comfortable with using your credit card online.

Check out her ‘blog entry about the challenge and leave a comment about what books you think she should read!

Want to do the challenge yourself? Let us know how it goes! If you want to do a challenge like Victoria’s – accepting sponsorship for the Wayfarers as you go, from people at your school, work, or in your family – let us know by dropping us a line at readingchallenge@wayfarerquest.com and we’ll talk prizes!

I’ll be away for the weekend on a training camp with the rest of the guys, but I’m thinking about joining in on my own, even if it’s just for one book. What would you read if you had 48 hours to devote to it?


Wayfarers Benefit Night

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On Sunday, May 20th, the Wayfarers are hitting the road and coming to lovely Hudson, Massachussetts.

We will be joining the amazing Tom Lanigan Band at the Harvest Café (at 40 Washington St) for an evening of food and drink, music and fundraising. With the help of some fantastic local businesses like Hair Divine, Hair by Chaves, Serendipity (Jewelery, Art & Whimsy), and T. C. Lando’s, we are putting on a great auction that will help us push towards our goal of $100,000 for worldwide cancer research and support.

We only have a limited number of spaces available for the event, so if you’re going to be in the Hudson area on the 20th – or are lucky enough to live there – use PayPal (with the handy widget below!) to pay for your tickets by May 16th to ensure we have the right amount of food to satisfy everyone!

[Update: Unfortunately due to lack of interest, the Benefit Night has been cancelled. Thank you for thinking of us!]