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Character Bio: Eoghan

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As we posted about in our November 7th article, Mondays for the next little while are being devoted to the Dungeons and Dragons module that we are developing for people who want to get involved with our cause.  The five stock characters who will be included in the module pack all have basic backgrounds that will allow anyone to play them – today ends this segment, with Andrew’s character.

Eoghan’s parents tragically perished when he was quite young, leaving him to the street gangs of a major city. Luckily, his natural charm saved him from the worst of that world, charming his way out of any real trouble. He was only six when he “found” his first musical instrument, a lute.  A passing minstrel, part of a travelling troupe, heard him practising one day and invited him along, promising to teach him songs and sorcery in exchange for agreeing to work for him. Eoghan has only now left that troupe, deciding to strike out in the world on his own.

Character sheet: [coming soon]