Burns Night: Five Answers

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We’ve gotten a few questions of interest over the last few weeks about our Burns Night and today’s the day to answer the top five for the public!

1. How is the money from my ticket sale being used?

Because this event isn’t free (and none of us – sadly! – has yet struck it big in the lottery), the ticket price reflects a 50% donation to the Canadian Cancer Society and 50% covering of costs.  All money used to cover costs are for individuals’ dinners; none of the Wayfarers will benefit financially from any event we run this year, and many of the things we are using for the dinner have been generously donated either by external corporations or by individuals, including the Wayfarers themselves.

2. How will the auction work?

The auction will be performed as a silent auction, with items (and descriptions) laid out on a table.  There will be sheets that will detail what the item is, who provided or sponsored it, the approximate retail value and the minimum bid.  The sheet will also state what the minimum “raise” is.  Bids that do not follow this minimum raise will be disregarded, so please make sure you’re paying attention!

When you make a bid, write down your name, phone number and the bid you would like to make.  We will be asking that you pay for your item on-site, and for this we are able to accept cash, credit card or PayPal, as we are able to make these payments directly to our charity service via tablet PC.  The phone number is only in case you have to leave the event before the auction winners are announced, between 8:30 and 9:00pm.

We have a few great items for the auction and have more coming in over the course of the next week – we’ll be making a post about some of them around this time next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

3.  Why are credit card and debit card payments not acceptable any more for ticket sales?

Because of the fact that we are collecting all of our donations directly to the organization and not looking to hand out tax receipts ourselves, we are not a registered charity (or even an incorporated not-for-profit) – we are just a group of guys trying to do some good.  Unfortunately, that means we don’t have the numbers we need to get a not-for-profit PayPal account, which limits our ability to take card payments online for things we need to use the money for – per question 1, above.

4.  Why are you holding this night on the 23rd instead of on its actual date, the 25th?

This one’s easy – because we all want to be able to celebrate on the 25th in our own way!

No, in all seriousness it’s because Monday night is a good night for the bar – it will cost us less to use the Duke, and that means more money goes to the charity.  And that’s a good thing for everyone!

5.  What sort of entertainment is being provided?

We are lucky to have gotten the York Celtic Ensemble, from York University, to play us in during cocktails and up until dinner starts.  During dinner we will likely be using a recording to give the poor musicians a break!

You will also be “treated” to some quick poetry readings from Robbie Burns’ repertoire as well as (possibly) some other Scottish-themed readings.

If you have any further questions, fire us off an email at burnsnight@wayfarerquest.com and we’ll reply as soon as possible!  And who knows, your question may find its way into our next questions post.

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