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Burns Night 2012

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Robbie Burns, poet and author of Scotland, was born on January 25th and the day is often celebrated in Scotland (and by Scottish emigrants to other countries) as a day to toast Scots heritage with scotch whisky, haggis and good friends.

Because of this, on Monday, January 23rd (so that you can celebrate in your own way on the 25th!), we will be hosting a Burns Night at the Duke of York pub here in Toronto.

With the doors opening at 6:30pm and live music provided by the York University Celtic Ensemble, we will have a served dinner provided from the Duke’s menu and only a short speech – promise! – from me.  A silent auction will also be held with donations from around the city to help raise money for our cause.

The cost of this semi-formal gala dinner will be $60 if you pay in cash, with an additional small fee of $3 (totaling $63) if you would like to pay with credit card or debit card via PayPal, just to cover the costs we incur for accepting them at all.  Proceeds after covering the cost of the meals themselves will be donated directly to the Canadian Cancer Society through our website.

Only 86 tickets are available to the event and we are aiming to sell out, so if you are interested contact us at burnsnight@wayfarerquest.com – we will put your name on the list.

Ticket reservation is available using this form or by emailing the relevant information to the email address provided above!

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