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Words from the Road: Glasgow, part 2

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Getting sick is never convenient, but sometimes the timing is worse than others. Anyone who has come down with a head cold on the first day of a vacation will understand my current predicament.

A head cold I could have kept walking through. Food poisoning, unfortunately, I couldn’t. Worse, my bout of food poisoning seems to have brought friends–low blood pressure, light-headedness, weakness, and dizziness that have kept us from moving on with the trip for the past two days even though my stomach feels better.

I’ve been told to stay on bedrest for a few days and then to stick to “1-2 weeks without heavy exertion.” Walking isn’t hard when you’re well, but I’m pretty sure that 20-30 km a day counts as exertion in any doctor’s books (and may be beyond what I can do right now) so we’re currently reassessing our options.

We’re planning on staying in Glasgow for the next few days and then travelling to Inverness on the 6th of October. We’re going to skip Fort William altogether. In Inverness, we’ll be setting up a home base and then walking every day without our packs. This will give me time to recover and rebuild strength even as we continue with the walk and, hopefully, make up for some of the mileage we’ve already lost.

At this point, it is entirely possible that we won’t be walking the full distance that we originally set ourselves. It is certain that we won’t be walking the original route–it’s already too late for that, even if we left Glasgow tomorrow.

But don’t mistake realism for giving up.

Provided that I am fully recovered, which seems likely, we will be walking the second half of our route as planned. We’re also going to be making up as much lost distance as we can before then, by walking within cities and by making day trips and shorter overnight hops around Glasgow and other cities.

This means we’ll be able to post more ‘blogs than expected because we’ll have internet access more often. I’ll be talking both about my recovery and about what I’m learning in the UK; about travel, adventures, and the differences our modern world makes in all of those things.

I hate being sick and I hate what this has meant for the trip. I miss my girlfriend, I miss my family, I miss my friends. I even (though I never thought I’d say this!) miss my work. Goodness knows, I miss the galumphing dog that loves to greet me with a headbutt and a wagging tail every evening. But to give up and return home now would mean betraying the Quest, and we’re not about to do that.

Wish us luck and send good thoughts. Don’t forget to check here every couple of days (or Facebook, or Twitter!), and please do tell your friends and family about two crazy Canadians who are doing everything in their power to make it through a cursed Quest to raise money for something that has touched us all.

Remember to donate when you can. Every single dollar we see go into those accounts is helping to motivate us.

You are all fantastic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of support we’ve been getting and I look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon.

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