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Treadmill Woes

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Twenty-three kilometers into our training walk last Saturday, I felt a dreadfully familiar twinge in my left leg.

Five years ago, I slipped on some sand during a LARP combat and tore the hamstring in my left leg. I didn’t realize what was wrong – it was just a searing pain, but I could still walk, albeit shakily – so I kept fighting. For two hours or so, it was hurting but I tried to play through it (and even succeeded, for the most part). That night, after an hour of sitting down for a meal and chatting, I found myself decidedly unable to walk.

It was five months before I could walk comfortably without a pronounced limp; three of those were spent walking with the help of a cane. I have understandably been more careful since, stretching before my LARP days and before training such as Saturday’s.

Despite those stretches, though, my more-sedentary lifestyle this winter has taken its toll. I wasn’t nearly as tired as I expected to be, but when the pain started and didn’t work itself out on the treadmill (as other soreness tends to), I ended up stopping two kilometres – just 24 minutes – shy of our goal. I put some essential oils, meant to help with pain and soreness, on the back of my knee when I got a chance to lie down a few hours later; yesterday I was still sore and applied them again. A combination of time and oils have brought me to a nice, subdued, bearable soreness today – much better than the pain I was fearing.

All-in-all, training went well on Saturday… and taught me that I need to start more regular training on my own again to shake off some of the rust that has been gathering over the winter.

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