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The Game of Amtgard

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Yesterday, a 23$ donation to the American Cancer Society was received from the Amtgard group the Shire of Boreal Dale, located in Sanford, Maine through our Quest for the Cure initiative.  Over half the money the Quest has raised up until now has come from the people and groups of Amtgard.  As such, I thought I would give it my best shot at giving a general description of what Amtgard is as well as how I am involved in the game.

Amtgard is a LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) game where people dress up and fight each other with safe foam-covered replica weapons all over North America.  Players have a choice of several classes to play, from the sword and shield using Warrior, to the bow-wielding scout, to the fireball-throwing and spell-casting wizard.  Every class has its own strength and weaknesses and players are allowed to play as any class they wish at the level they have attained (new levels are granted as players sign in as the same class over again up to 6th level in each class) for every game.  More information on the rules of Amtgard can be found here.

I started playing Amtgard in July of 1997, in the Sudbury group now called the Duchy of Wolven Fang.  Little did I know at the time that my simple desire to experience medieval style fighting would turn into my primary hobby and a large source of friendship for at least the next fifteen years of my life.  While I took breaks from the game as I went away to school, I always returned to it.

As the years went by, I realized that Amtgard was actually a large community, and not something that only happened behind the local high school.  I travelled to larger events in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hamshire, and even flew to New Mexico and California for Amtgard.  At every place, new players were met and new friendships formed.  Amtgard in Canada and the northern US grew, and four groups (the Duchy of Wolven Fang, the Duchy of Caradoc Hold, the Barony of Twilight Peak, and the Barony of Felfrost) came together and formed the first Canadian Principality:  The Northern Empire.

I still play because I enjoy the game.  It’s great exercise and gives me a challenge each and every Sunday, as well as a special event or two every month that I can attend.  I plan to continue to blog about Amtgard, and specifically Amtgard events.  Those events and the people are what really keep me coming.  People like the guys from the Shire of Boreal Dale in Maine – a state I’ve never visited – that are willing to help out a group of people who want to go overseas on a quest to conquer cancer.

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