A Yule Auction in Amtgard. Wayfarers: Quest for the Cure
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A Yule Auction

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On December 10th, 2011, the Duchy of Caradoc Hold held its winter coronation event named Yule.  Yule is an event where people gather to play Amtgard in the snow and are able to retreat to a cabin and gather by the wood stove to warm up.  Warm food is served as the outgoing officers present awards to the deserving players of the past six months before being replaced by a new group of officers that will lead Caradoc Hold until their next coronation event in June:  Tribal Rivals.

I’ve attended the past 3 or 4 Yule events before this one; however the specific reason that Dan and I were drawn to attending this year was that Geoffrey, a local player and the outgoing and incoming Ducal Consort, was running an auction with most of the proceeds being donated to the Wayfarers and their Quest for the Cure.

Thanks to donations from various players in attendance (and a few who were not there but had sent their items in), the items that were auction off were as follows:

–          A nice cane

–          Three inkblot paintings

–          A chain mail brassiere

–          Four scarves

–          Two massages

–          A story to be written with topic chosen by the winner

–          A pie for my face

–          A pie for Dan’s face

The most common winning bid was 15-20$ for each item, with the two pies going for the most money.  I was up for auction before Dan was and it looked like I was going to be pied for a small sum of money, so I outbid the current bid with  bid of 20$.  Seth, the man who had the current bid, was unhappy since he didn’t want to spend so much money.  However, Shawn, a traveler from the Kingdom of Goldenvale, stepped in to help Seth and they bid 22$ together.  To my great delight, instead of hitting me with the cherry pie, the pair decided to eat it, and even shared a bit of it with me.

Dan wasn’t so lucky.

After reminding the room of reasons why they would love to hit him with a pie, the bidding started.  After some fast and furious bidding, Kevin of Wolven Fang teamed forces with Nathan of Felfrost to place a 40$ bid that was declared the winner.

I did not get to witness Dan get pied in the face but I saw him come back into the lodge with a face covered in apple pieces and crust.  I laughed at him, happy I escaped that fate, and completely okay with the fact that his pie raised more money than mine did.  I also offered Dan first run at the shower back at our hotel.

In total, the Wayfarer’s portion from this auction was 150.50$ with an additional 27$ donated directly to the Wayfarers.  All of the proceeds from this event were donated to the American Cancer Society.

The Wayfarers would like to thank everyone involved in this auction, including the Duchy of Caradoc Hold for allowing it to take place, Geoffrey for pushing for it and being the auctioneer, everyone who donated an item to be auctioned off, and everyone who placed a bid, whether a winning bid or a big to bring up the price.  We couldn’t have done this without you!

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