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Forever in shape scv, a santa clarita sports activities and personal fitness education agency, will host a “pumpkin exercise” at its centre pointe vicinity on saturday, october 28, beginning at 9 a.m.

For all time healthy will donate $5 to the american most cancers society for all and sundry who attends.

Members need to carry their very own pumpkins (preferably earlier than carving) for the workout.

Also after visiting “Forever Fit SCV” we recommend you to visit in LA the Quest-room from our partner – TheQuestFactory. What will help you to spend time with great fun. It’s realy good challenge for anybody.

Forever in shape scv is positioned at 26340 diamond place, suite one hundred, santa clarita 91350, in the centre pointe location.

For more records, e mail craig shinkaric at craig@foreverfitscv.com.

In support of augie’s quest, los angeles fitness introduced plans to host its 7th annual in-membership event, action for als, across the company’s over 690 places on saturday, february 25, 2017. Augie’s quest is a nonprofit studies initiative committed to finding a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als).

In addition to good fitness, LA is also known for its advanced entertainment industry. A new hobby of young people is quest-room. Our partner TheQuestFactory is the leader of this type of entertainment in LA. Be sure to visit them when the future is in this city.

La health will donate 100% of the proceeds from the occasion to augie’s quest, which immediately finances the als remedy improvement institute (als tdi). als, a debilitating neurodegenerative disorder, is diagnosed in about 6,000 human beings in keeping with 12 months. survival is commonly three to 5 years after diagnosis, and no cure currently exists for the disease.

In march 2005, augie nieto, a prominent chief in the health industry, turned into diagnosed with als, greater normally referred to as lou gehrig’s sickness. Despite the restrictions of the disease, augie maintains to lead an energetic lifestyles and function an activist for others fighting the disease. After his analysis, augie coped together with his infection by means of drawing strength from his circle of relatives, pals and a flood of messages from supporters. realizing that he may want to use his voice to raise attention for others, augie fashioned “augie’s quest” with the sole motive of finding a remedy for als.

“We’re so grateful for the $260,450 that la fitness has raised for als research over the years. that money is making a massive impact within the lab, leading to the identification of at-1501, a promising treatment for als. with the ongoing assist of la fitness and their members, we’re assured we can get this drug into section 2 scientific trials subsequent 12 months,” stated augie nieto, chief proposal officer of augie’s quest. “We recognize all that la health does to growth cognizance and deliver wish to families tormented by this devastating disease.”

“We don’t want any boundaries to face inside the manner of maximizing our companywide fundraising efforts for this worth motive, so we invite members and non-members alike to wait this occasion. We also want to say how proud we’re of our members’ participation and the way grateful we are for his or her generous support,” said invoice horner, senior vice president/leader actual estate officer at los angeles health.

The occasion is open to the public for a minimum donation of $20 in assist of augie’s quest. For details on the event or a way to make a donation, go to unique web page.

About l. a. health

A. fitness is one of the fastest growing fitness center chains inside the u.s. and presently has more than 690 places in 32 states and canada. Its project is to help as many people as feasible gain the advantages of a wholesome way of life by means of creating a national community of fitness golf equipment, providing its participants the widest variety of facilities and the friendliest carrier at an low cost charge.

Approximately augie’s quest

Augie nieto created augie’s quest following his prognosis of als in march 2005. Nieto is co-founder and previous president of life health of chicago, and chairman of octane health. Augie’s quest without delay finances the als remedy improvement institute (als tdi), the sector’s predominant drug discovery middle centered entirely on locating a cure for als. For extra information on augie’s quest and to get concerned, go to unique page.


CRF Grants Support the Quest for a Cure

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The cystinosis studies foundation is the largest issuer of grants for cystinosis studies. whilst we are saying biggest we don’t mean within the united states, we suggest in the global. in fact, final yr the crf provided a total of $2.79 million really worth of research offers in 5 exceptional international locations. this cash funded seventeen clinical research concerning the pathology, remedy, and capacity treatment options for cystinosis.

Please discover the entire press release by using the cystinosis studies foundation below.

Cystinosis is a unprecedented, incurable metabolic disorder that afflicts 500 children and young adults inside the america and about 2,000 humans international. It slowly destroys the organs in the frame (consisting of the kidneys, liver, eyes, muscle tissues and mind) because of a buildup of the amino acid cystine that crystallizes and kills the cells.

The 2016 offers, funded by way of donations from the 2016 natalie’s want gala and golfing tournament and donations from cystinosis own family occasions throughout the yr, are supporting studies inside the united states of america, belgium, france, italy and new zealand. they include:

Nine cell and molecular studies into the pathogenesis of the sickness

2 stem cellular/gene remedy research

Five research into new drug discoveries

1 neurological research take a look at

Crf-funded research has brought about new discoveries approximately the pathogenesis of cystinosis and has helped unlock the mysteries of this uncommon ailment. The muse anticipates that there will be fda approval this year for clinical trials to improve an autologous stem mobile treatment and the development of a nanowafer treatment for corneal cystinosis.

“A number of the research performed by way of crf funded scientists has far-accomplishing implications for other issues.” stated crf founder nancy stack.  “Despite the fact that the cystinosis network is small, knowledge found by using analyzing our disorder has led to advancements inside the discovery of ability treatments for other sicknesses such as huntington’s disorder, parkinson’s disorder and other systemic problems similar to cystinosis.

“Our work inside the vicinity of nanotechnology and corneal cystinosis will undoubtedly assist other corneal sicknesses. the stem cellular paintings performed through stéphanie cherqui, ph.d., (united states) will help treat other lysosomal or even neuro-muscular degenerative disorders. crf research extends some distance past our network; it has the capability to treat thousands and thousands of different folks that be afflicted by different disorders.”

For the reason that 2003, the cystinosis research basis has issued 151 cystinosis studies grants in 12 international locations. amongst other improvements in the take a look at of the disease, crf funded the development of not on time-release cysteamine medicine, accepted in 2013 by the u.s. meals and drug management.

Donations made to crf cross directly to fund cystinosis research.

This year’s research supply awards consist of:


The scripps research institute, la jolla, california

$256,795, to sergio catz, ph.d., “molecular trafficking regulators of dynamic organelles in cystinosis”

$Seventy five,000 to sergio catz, ph.d., and jinzhong zhang, ph.d., “improvement of cell function thru chaperone-mediated autophagy and cell trafficking in cystinosis”

College of california, san diego, california

$A hundred and sixty,589 to ilya gertsman, ph.d., and bruce barshop, m.d., ph.d, “elucidation of altered metabolism and biomarkers in cystinosis the usage of huge-scale metabolomics processes”

$141,082 to stephanie cherqui, ph.d., “improved research software for stem cell research

$Sixty two,895 to doris trauner, m.d.,“sleep disturbance and reminiscence function in nephropathic cystinosis”

Thiogenesis therapeutics, inc., san diego, california

$153,900 to vincent stanton, jr., m.d., and patrice rioux, m.d., ph.d., “pharmacokinetic assessment and optimization of cysteamine precursors”

Harvard medical faculty, Boston, Massachusetts

$225,000 to norbert perrimon, ph.d., and patrick jouandin, ph.d., “profiling metabolic dysfunction because of cystinosis.”

Massachusetts fashionable medical institution, Boston, Massachusetts

$ninety six,129 to florian eichler, m.d., and sherman alexander, m.s.c., “scientific trial readiness for distal myopathy in nephropathic cystinosis (dmnc)”

College of pittsburgh school of drugs, pittsburgh, pennsylvania

$A hundred and fifty five,484 to morgan fedorchak, ph.d., and kanwal nischal, m.d., frco, “development of a topical, controlled release cysteamine eye drop”


De duve institute, Brussels

$209,344, to pierre courtoy, m.d., ph.d., and christopher pierreux, ph.d., “assessment of ctns -/- mice protection by means of oral supplementation with basic amino-acids: focus on kidneys”


Imagine institute, paris, france

$310,000, to corrine antignac, m.d., ph.d., “characterization of mtorc1 signaling in early pathogenesis of cystinosis”

$Ninety one,553 to matias simons, m.d., “lessons from the fruit fly. how cells deal with cystinosin deficiency.”

Paris descartes university, France

$225,000 (a 3-yr supply) to bruno gasnier, ph.d., and yann terres, m.s.c, “mechanism and pathophysiological significances of a genetic interaction of cystinosin”

$Seventy five,000 to bruno gasnier, ph.d., and rossella conti, ph.d., “biophysical observe of cystinosin and pqlc2”


Bambino gesù kids’s health facility, Rome, Italy

$229,660 to francesco emma, m.d., and laura rega, ph.d., “alternative therapies for nephropathic cystinosis”

$One hundred eighty,400 to giusi pencipe, ph.d., and fabrizio de benedetti, m.d., ph.d., “nlrp2 in the pathogenesis of cystinosis.”

New zealand

The college of auckland, new zealand

$One hundred forty five,852 to alan davidson, ph.d., and teresa holm, m.d., ph.d., “kidney organoids: a brand new model to examine cystinosis.”

Approximately the cystinosis studies basis

The cystinosis studies foundation is devoted to locating better remedies to improve the pleasant of lifestyles for people with cystinosis and to ultimately discover a treatment for this devastating ailment. seeing that 2003, it has raised and devoted extra than $35 million to support bench, scientific and translational studies to find better treatments and a treatment for cystinosis. the muse is dedicated to educating the public and clinical network about cystinosis to ensure early analysis and proper treatment.


Quest for a Cure 2017

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The 8th annual quest for a therapy walkathon will be held sunday, september 24, 2017 at vfw park in royal oak, michigan. This event is organized with the aid of 9 metro detroit-place households on behalf of their kids with rett syndrome: the cardinalis (giavanna), the casses (ashton), the macdonalds (annie), the petersons (jillian), the pettys (hailey), the rokickis (olivia), the scappaticcis (isabella), the weinrauchs (emily), and the zerials (mia).

Even as we actually inspire anyone to attend the walkathon – it’s always a top notch day for the entire family with correct meals, true amusing, and notable raffle prizes – we are hoping even people who cannot make it’s going to recall creating a donation in help of our occasion! For more records at the event and the way to participate, click on right here to go to the internet site.


Q’wemtsin Quest for a Cure

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1 in eight canadian girls will develop breast most cancers in their lifetime. allow’s promise to trade that.

We’re participating on this year’s canadian most cancers society cibc run for the therapy to benefit the breast most cancers motive. we’re jogging in honour of all the amazing girls in our lives, and we want your assist!

Please contribute what you can to our fundraising. each dollar makes a difference and gets us one step closer to making breast cancer beatable. your donation will fund innovative studies to help keep the lives of more girls, and provide help packages to those stricken by this sickness.

Did you realize that just $a hundred ought to fund 2 hours of lifesaving research in a global magnificence laboratory? your contribution lead to the subsequent leap forward!

Together, we are able to exchange the destiny of breast most cancers.

Make donation


Words from the Road: Belfast

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Note: I’ll be editing this post later tonight or tomorrow morning with a picture or two, but I’m not sure when I’ll have a chance and wanted to get something up now.

The plane was stifling as it taxied down the tarmac to Heathrow. The airport itself was much nicer, though the roughly eighty security checkpoints we had to go through were interesting.

The flight to Belfast was smooth, and short, and as we landed and stepped out of the airport, we were done and in Ireland at last. More than twelve hours of travel later, the shockingly green grass (is it cliche to say that if it’s utterly true?) was zooming along beside our car as I sat in what would have been the driver’s seat in Canada and drove on what I saw as the wrong side of the road.

We’ve seen of the city, since; the glass dome in Victoria’s Square was not only beautiful in and of itself, but also offered an amazing view of the entirety of Northern Ireland’s largest city – including, off in the distance, Belfast Castle, the beautiful manor we’ll be starting from tomorrow.

It has been stereotypically Irish weather today, ranging from heavy downpour to brilliant sun in as little as ten minutes; my shirt was soaked through in one sudden rainstorm but dry again twenty minutes later from the cool breeze and warm sun.

Time for us to go out and see a bit more – and stock up for our trip over the next few days! – so I’ll update a bit better either late tonight or early tomorrow morning.


On the Road

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Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea;
Over snow by winter sown,
And through the merry flowers of June,
Over grass and over stone,
And under mountains in the moon.
Roads go ever ever on
Under cloud and under star,
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.
Eyes that fire and sword have seen
And horror in the halls of stone
Look at last on meadows green
And trees and hills they long have known.

–J.R.R. Tolkien

We leave for Belfast today! After more than a year of planning, today’s the first big leap, right across the Atlantic.

Throughout our journey, we’ll be checking in several times:

  • On Friday, September 28th (that’s tomorrow!*), from Belfast.
  • On Saturday, September 29th, from Larne, Northern Ireland.
  • On Monday, October 1st, from Glasgow.
  • On Monday, October 8th, from Fort William.
  • On Friday, October 12th, from Inverness.
  • On Saturday, October 20th, from Perth.
  • On Monday, October 22nd, from Stirling, and finally
  • On Thursday, October 25th, from Edinburgh. It’s possible we’ll do a few updates after we’re in Edinburgh, but at least one saying we’re done!

For these check-ins I’ll be writing as much as my brain will let me – I get foggy when I’m as exhausted as I will be, and I’ll want to do a little site-seeing, too! – and posting a few unedited pictures, assuming all of my technology cooperates.

We’ll also have Twitter being updated by the wonderful Victoria, and Facebook should have our updates posted as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

For now, though, this is it – the last post I’ll be making from Canada until probably November. Looking back, it’s been a long 15 months, with some periods of super-steady daily ‘blogging and some periods of complete radio silence as other things took over. We’ve come a long way since the ‘blog started last summer, and we’ve still got our longest journey ahead of us.

Flight leaves at 6:55pm tonight. Wish us luck, and remember to tell your friends, your family, and your neighbourhood crossing guard to donate. We are still hovering a little under $16,000, and a shiny new number would be a great thing to long on to come October 25th.

It’s time to play the music.
It’s time to light the lights.


Mid-Week Training

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This morning I woke up at my usual time, had my usual breakfast, and then slung 65 pounds of metal over my shoulder for my hour-long commute.

With my unusual accoutrement, I expected the ride to be a lot worse, but people were remarkably polite about my hiking backpack and its accompanying knapsack. Having two bags designed to be worn on both shoulders may sound somewhat awkward, but the reality is it’s a lot awkward.

I’m going to have to find a better way to do this for next time.

For now, though, I have 65 pounds of armour – a chainmail vest, and steel gorget, pauldrons, bracers, greaves and cuisses, all ready to be strapped on for a 16km training walk tonight. Paul and I will be walking from roughly Yonge and Eglinton down to Front Street and back, handing out business cards and talking to anyone who would like to ask about the Quest (and my funny costume).

Care to join us? Check Twitter for our #QtfCTraining hashtag, or just keep an eye on our @QuestfortheCure Twitter account after 6pm tonight. We’ll be updating as we go!

Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook as well, if you’re new to the site.


Join us tomorrow!

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Tomorrow we are doing our second public training walk, where you will have the chance to see how we’re training and how it will feel to walk one of the more-than-twenty days we will be walking just six months from now in Scotland (six months from today we’ll be approaching Scone, getting close to the last leg of our journey!).

We start at 9:00am at High Park subway station and will be walking east on Bloor from there to Dundas West. Most of our eastward journey will be across College and Carlton, taking the pedestrian bridge across the Don Valley Parkway and continuing along Gerrard. We’ll head north on Coxwell like last time and take a straight shot across Danforth and Bloor back to High Park to wrap it up.

Lunch will once again be taken at a pub along the way. We’ll be tweeting along the way to let anyone who would like to join us do so at a convenient time and place.

War dog Rowan has decided to sit this one out.

Remember the cautions from our last walk:

What should you bring, you ask? If you intend to be with us the whole way, bring comfortable clothing and good shoes – and make sure you’re wearing appropriate socks, too! Your feet aren’t the only part of you that will be sore by the end of the day, but they’ll be the worst off unless you’re very careful.

Bring a water bottle and some snacks – things like trail mix or even just peanuts are great. We’ll be stopping here and there on the way but we don’t want to make too many trips to convenience stores, since every trip will hold up the whole group.

Plan for the weather – if it looks like rain, bring a good coat and maybe a hat. If it looks like sun, a hat is still a good idea! Sunscreen is a good idea too, even though it’s still March.

Finally, bring money for lunch – you’re going to want to eat it, I promise! – and plenty of smiles and laughs. The best part of these walks is companionship, and we’re going to be spreading the word about the Wayfarers while we walk!

We hope to see you out and have a bit of a larger group than last time! Though I hear our vicious war dog will not be joining us this time, sadly…


A True Quest… Square Enix Style

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For April Fool’s this year, Google gave us a great gift – an 8-bit version of their phenomenal Google Maps software.

Half a dozen people pointed it out to us while it was on this weekend, but because of our training and other commitments we didn’t get to it in time to make something of it. Thankfully, our resources are endless… and my friend Brittany is brilliant. She pointed out that it was still possible to use if you knew the browser code.

Here is our Quest and the eight “levels” we’re going to be meeting: Belfast, Glasgow, Fort William, Culloden, Scone, Stirling, Rosslyn Chapel and Edinburgh. It’s listed at just under 500 miles because it doesn’t take into account things like the trip around Loch Lomond and walking within the cities – which will take us well over the 8-mile difference you see here.

So who wants to design us some 8-bit avatars to come on this journey with us?


View Larger Map